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Preparing for Your Wedding at Redeemer

By Pr. Lisa Bates-Froiland


Below is an outline of the “program” of premarital

preparation/counseling that couples undertake when I officiate

their wedding.  If you are interested in talking further and setting

up the first meeting, please email me at:


A.  First Meeting:  usually a dinner meeting at Miss Katie’s (on me!)

–a well-known diner just down the block from the church.  I hear

each of your individual stories up through the engagement story. 

Email questions are given out and filled out independently;

submitted via email to Pastor Lisa to form the basis of the next



B.  Second Meeting:  a deeper discussion of responses to the questions that relate to significant marital issues–finances, hopes/expectations/fears, family plans, career objectives, etc.  Usually occurs in the pastor’s office at Redeemer.


C.  Third Meeting:  devoted to planning the wedding service.


D.  Fourth Meeting:  often a breakfast/coffee during the week of the wedding.  A chance to check in, pray together, etc. in preparation for the big day.




A.  The two of you will be responsible for initiating meetings times and reaching out to communicate and solidify times to meet.  


B.  Redeemer is a faith community of disciples–dynamic, diverse, with a lot to offer anyone wishing to connect their faith with everyday life.  If you are not actively involved in another faith community (worshipping at least once per month; and I’d want to know where you are involved), then I expect you to worship at least once per month at Redeemer beginning when you book the church.  We also expect couples being married at Redeemer to become members, or associate members (if you already have an active membership with another church).  This means you will be added to our mailing list and invited to participate in our service projects and other social events of the congregation.  


It makes sense when you’ve decided upon a religious setting and ceremony to explore what faith will mean for your married life together, and how the two of you can be supported by, and contributors to, a community of faith.  The membership can be transferred after the wedding if you find a community closer to wherever you are living that you wish to join.


Thanks for your interest–hope this is helpful to you!


Peace always, Pastor LIsa

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