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What to expect during 10am Sunday worship...


Expect to be greeted warmly at the door and by several others in the worship space.


Expect to use a printed bulletin to guide you through most of the service; hymns are in a red book nearby. We help each other when things get confusing.


Expect the “sharing of the peace” to go on at least 8 minutes. We’re a friendly bunch, and we know it’s an expression of the coming kingdom of God to share a gesture of peace together.


Expect an open invitation to Holy Communion—all are welcome to

take in the body and blood of Christ in bread and wine (or juice). 


Expect the power of the Holy Spirit to be present in the preaching of the Word. Sermons are usually based on assigned biblical texts for the week.


Expect a children’s message, where . . .

you should probably expect the unexpected.


Expect a multi-age Sunday School where kids leave the 

service for a special time of learning.


Expect quiet moments for prayer and contemplation.


Expect to leave feeling more alive, refreshed, and affirmed;

ready to journey further with God!

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